I’m a visual artist based in Östermalm, Stockholm, where I spend my days painting in my cozy studio. My passion lies in using oil paints to bring portraits of women to life, often weaving in abstract elements to add depth and intrigue to my figurative artwork.

Traveling the world during my time in aviation has been a profound source of inspiration for my art. Immersing myself in diverse cultures and landscapes has enriched my creative palette, that I bring to life on canvas. From the bustling streets of vibrant cities to the tranquil beauty of remote landscapes – every journey fuels my passion for storytelling through art.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I hold a bachelor’s degree in behaviorism, which has provided me with valuable insights into human cognition and emotion. Furthermore, my practice of mindfulness through yoga and meditation serves as a source of grounding and balance in my life, enriching my approach to art.

As a self-taught artist, I’m constantly exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of my creativity, drawing inspiration from contemporary styles and trends in art.

I strive to create pieces that resonate with viewers on a personal level, inviting them to interpret and connect with my art in their own unique way. My passion lies in portraying women who not only captivate the eye but also evoke a sense of narrative and emotion in the viewer.

2024: Sommarsalong, Galleri Puckeln
2024: Guest Teacher @ K. Bullock Art School CA, USA
2023: Julsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2023: Autumn - Artweekend, Djurönäset
2023: Galleri Sjöhästen
2023: Spring - Artweekend, Djurönäset
2022: Galleri Nordic Art 
2021: Galleri Nordic Art
2020: Julsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2020: Galleri Nordic Art
2019: Julsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2019: Tema Stockholm, Galleri Nordic Art 
2019: Hägernäs Strands Galleri 
2019: Galleri Nordic Art
2019: Frans August Konsthall, Art Fair
2019: Edsvik Konsthall
2019: Älvsjö Konst & Antikmässa
2018: Affordable Art Fair 
2018: Galleri Nordic Art
2018: Kronovalls Slott, Art Fair
2018: Helsingborgs Konst- & Antikmässa
2018: Frans August Konsthall, Art Fair
2017: Julsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2017: Höstsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2017: Sommarsalong, Galleri Nordic Art
2016: Gallery Magno Art
2016: Art City, FoKo Art To Go, Art Fair
2016: FoKo Art To Go
2016: Gallery Magno Art

Krull Production AB. Org. No. 556815-3950
Sturegatan 48, 114 36 Stockholm

Studio @ Östermalm, Stockholm
Visits by Appointment only.

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